Battery System Powers 5G Small Cell Node Equipment Instantly

Originally Published by AGL Media Group

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system powers 5G small cell node equipment by battery within days until utility power is connected and later converts into a long-term battery backup.

Utility power hookups can take weeks before energizing, which can directly impact the activation, commissioning and testing of new small cell node equipment, according to Joe Hill, vice president of solutions at FSG Smart Buildings and co-inventor of  the company’s 5G Power Pack uninterruptible power supply. Designed to power 5G small cell node equipment without utility power for an extended period until utility power is connected, the power pack helps to expedite the deployment of 5G nodes.

“Nodes can be powered by battery up to 60 days faster and can ensure a source of backup power for years to come,” Hill said.

The power pack can support both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries with runtimes as long as 48 hours. FSG can deploy crews to recharge batteries until utility power is connected, install a generator charge-port on the system to support on-site recharges or supply telecom contractors with modular charge stations to service the 5G systems as needed. This ability allows for rapid setup and use of 5G nodes, instead of their sitting dark for two to eight weeks while waiting for local utility power. The difference greatly accelerates 5G access.

Small cell operators can add solar panels to recharge the battery packs and extend run time. By including solar panels as part of a 5G small cell installation, companies can benefit from the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Modified Advanced Cost Recovery System (MACRS) for depreciating assets, allowing businesses to greatly reduce the overall cost of their 5G project and reduce lifetime energy costs.

Chris Durocher, vice president of FSG Wireless, said that one of the biggest bottlenecks when it comes to energizing 5G nodes is local utility coordination to provide permanent power. He said that FSG’s power pack has the ability to revolutionize the volume of nodes that can be activated while permanent power is being designed and constructed.

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