Additional Monitors Confirmed as Calibrated to Safety Code 6 (2015) Limits

STAC is continuing to consult its Members and other industry professionals to provide a list of personal RF monitors that are verified as capable of being calibrated to Safety Code 6 (2015) limits established by Health Canada.

In recent weeks, two additional monitors have been added to STAC’s list of monitors that have been confirmed (by the manufacturer or Canadian distributor) as being capable of warning workers if they are exposed to emissions that exceed Safety Code 6 (2015) limits.

At this time, STAC has received attestations and confirmation that the following devices have valid calibration verification certificates relevant to the Canadian market:
Nardalert S3
FieldSENSE 2.0
EME Guard XS-SC6
EME Guard XS 40 GHz (SC6) (new)
WaveMon Broadband-8-SC6 (new)

Note that this does not mean that other monitors cannot be calibrated to Safety Code 6 (2015) limits.