5G Conference: Collaboration key to 5G’s success in Canada, says CWTA’s Ghiz

Originally published by Cartt.ca

OTTAWA – Wireless stakeholders in Canada must work collaboratively to ensure that the arrival and deployment of 5G wireless networks are a success, said CWTA president and CEO Robert Ghiz Wednesday as he opened the 5G Canada 2019 conference in Ottawa.

“Our facilities-based carriers have worked to position Canada at the forefront of 4G world and pave the way for the arrival of 5G in our country,” Ghiz said. “Collaboration building off of today’s conference will be key to maintaining Canada as a world leader in the wireless sector. It is only through collaboration that we will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that 5G can deliver.”

Reflecting on the wireless sector’s importance to Canada, Ghiz referenced CWTA-commissioned research that indicates that the introduction of 5G networks could add as much as $40 billion in incremental GDP to Canada’s economy by 2026, plus create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

“Virtually every business sector depends on Canada’s wireless industry for their success and continued growth,” he added.

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