2020 STAC Awards

STAC and the STAC Steering Committee are thrilled to recognize five individuals who have worked tirelessly to help improve the workplace health and safety of Canada’s tower climbing community and to help make the industry better and stronger.

These awards, which we had originally hoped to announce at STAC 2020, will be awarded each year to deserving STAC members, as nominated by their peers and as voted on by the STAC Steering Committee in consultation with STAC staff.

The 2020 STAC Awards recipients are:

STAC Safety Leadership Award – Leo Helmer

The STAC Safety Leadership Award is given each year to an individual for a single significant contribution to Canadian tower safety. Leo Helmer is the first recipient of this award for all his hard work and dedication in making the tower industry safer for all. Click here to read Leo’s full bio.


Leo Award 2 scaled 1

STAC Volunteer of the Year Award – Jeanne Piercey

The STAC Volunteer of the Year Award, will be awarded annually to one volunteer who has really gone above and beyond to support STAC and the STAC community over the prior 12 months. This year’s recipient, Jeanne Piercy, is being awarded for being a very active volunteer in the STAC community, taking on many leadership roles and using her experiences and connections to support committee activities and bring new ideas to the table. Click here to read Jeanne’s full bio.


Jeanne Award 2 scaled 1

STAC Lifetime Achievement Award – Gordon Lyman

The 2020 STAC Lifetime Achievement Awards, awarded to an individual, or individuals, who have made a sustained and substantial impact on Canadian tower safety and the Canadian tower community. One of this years recipients goes to Gordon Lyman, who has over 55 years of experience in all phases of the telecom industry. His involvement over the years and dedication to safety and training prove him to be a worthy recipient of this award. Click here to reach Gordon’s full bio.


Gordon Award 2 scaled 1

STAC Lifetime Achievement Award – Clay Parchewsky

Clay Parchewsky is awarded the STAC Lifetime Achievement Award for his over 20 years of experience in the wireless and broadcast tower industry. Clay’s experience in the industry has made him a great asset to STAC and as one of STAC’s founders and early leaders, Clay is well deserving of this award. Click here to read Clay’s full bio.

Clay 2

STAC Lifetime Achievement Award – Keith Ranney

Keith Ranney is being awarded for the STAC Lifetime Achievement Award for his strong leadership in the industry. Keith was a major driving force in STAC’s founding and has served as co-Chair for STAC’s Steering Committee. Throughout his years of experience Keith has more than proved that he is a very deserving recipient of this award. Click here to read Keith’s full bio.

Keith 3