2020 STAC Annual Meeting

STAC was thrilled to host around 150 members from across the communication tower industry last week virtually at the 2020 STAC Annual Meeting. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

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For those who may have missed the presentation, a PDF version of the PowerPoint slides is now available here. Members can also view a recording of the presentation through the following DropBox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwiee8xxm94dz1c/STAC%202020%20Annual%20Meeting.mp4?dl=0 

Some of the highlights and topics touched on during the meeting include: 

  • STAC’s membership growth and 2020 membership renewal update
  • New STAC leadership, such as new committee leads:
    • Jeanne Piercey, Lead of the Industry Workforce Development Committee
    • Lisa Traverse and Laura Marciniwe, Co-Leads of the Women of STAC Committee
    • Cris Bursugiu, Lead of the Workplace Health and Safety Committee
  • Recent STAC activities, including information about:
    • COVID-19 activities and resources
    • STAC Alerts/Bulletins
    • Safety Notices
    • New resources added to STAC Members Website
    • New French-language translations added to STAC Members Website
  • STAC project updates, including:
    • Dig-to-Block Inspection Checklist
    • Turn-of-Nut Documentation
    • AM Tower Safety
    • A10.48 Companion Document
    • Safety Forms
    • Manitoba Submission
    • Tower Tech Training Curriculum
    • Women of STAC Bursary
  • The launch of a new STAC Committee: the French Language Services Committee
  • STAC 2021 information, including:
    • The tentative venue in Niagara Falls, ON – April 13-14
    • Plans to make a final decision on in-person vs. online event by January
    • Plans to launch exhibitor and sponsor opportunities in January

STAC was also absolutely thrilled to announce our first full conference sponsor for STAC 2021 – Varcon. Thank you so much to the entire team at Varcon.

Varcon Full Logo Main

In addition to these highlights, STAC members got to hear an address by CWTA President and CEO, Rob Ghiz. Rob spoke on industry challenges, updates and 5G and thanked STAC members for all of their hard work in helping to support industry growth.

During the Annual Meeting, STAC was also pleased to announce the first ever STAC Awards and award five very deserving members with some well earned recognition. You can read more about the STAC Awards here.

STAC would like to thank all of our members for a great year and for all of your support.