2019 Quebec budget: $400 million for broadband and wireless everywhere

Originally published by Cartt.ca
Author: Denis Carmel

QUEBEC CITY – Through a new initiative announced in the Quebec provincial budget this week, Québec businesses and households in rural and remote areas who still do not have access to a high-speed Internet connection or a broadband cellular network will start to be serviced.

The Québec government said it will work with municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCMs) to accelerate the rollout of quality digital infrastructure in underserved and unserved areas. Thanks to the contribution of the federal government as well, new investment totalling $400 million is planned.

The Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM) and the Union des municipalités du Québec will participate in a collaborative process where the rollout of high-speed Internet in the regions will be supported by the municipalities – and one of the FQM’s mandates will be to design a precise mapping of current broadband needs.

This reflects the wish the FQM, which said about the Federal Budget, also announced this week: “It is mind-boggling that in 2019, the issue of connecting the regions to the Internet has not been resolved. The major investments announced today by Minister Morneau to fix the situation are therefore more than welcome. Now, we have to ensure that all levels of government, under the responsibility of the government of Quebec work together to connect all citizens, wherever they are located,” said Jacques Demers, president of the FQM.

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